Type: Refillable dropper bottle

Capacity:30ml or Customize

Material: Colorful Glass Bottle + Black Plastic Cap+Black Rubber stopper+Glass droplets Color of bottle: (Blue ,Green, Rose red ,Purple,Brown ) Cap of bottle:

Rubber: Colorful

Glass dropper bottles in round design, each of 30 ml in a sleek design – these geen color, empty, refillable and reusable glass spray bottles with rubber droppers are for multipurpose use. Simply open the neck of bottle by twisting and fill with suitable liquid, and start using the dropper.! Once over, simply refill again and use. Specially designed to store – Perfumes, Oils, Essential Oils, Active Oils, Perfume Oils, Attars, Kitchen sprays, Anti-insect sprays, Massage Oils, Pain relief Oils, Cleaning Liquids etc. Travel friendly or for daily use at Gym, Airline/Train/Bus/Car/Bike Travel, Office, Home, Kitchen, Outdoors, camping, for pets, DIY activity. BPA free, Safe for Kids, Safe for Eatables and TSA approved (Allowed inside flight). Height = 9.32cm, Width =3.72 cm, weight = grams, Material = Glass,

The  High quality glass bottle for perfume suitable for the custom logo.it can match the plastic 、aluminum cap and aluminum spray,It is mature perfume bottle,This product is sole to various countries in Europe and America and is welcomed by consumers ,Welcom contact us if you interested , We also can custom produce for you , Small order is possible , Waiting you.

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