Sealing Type:Screw Cap

Base Material:high borosilicate bottle

MOQ:5000pcs Packing:Carton or pallet

Adopt clear glass bottle with,luxury appearance.

It is a popular Glass tube bottle,it has 8ml 、10ml、30ml、40ml 、50ml 、60ml and 100ml seven capacity, it made of high borosilicate glass,bottle body smooth,it has high transparency,it used for liquior、wine 、beverage、juice etc,we export many countries, The bottles are designed as cylindrical tubes with pure bright colors, flavors and names that can be loaded in groups of several into each small box. This cocktail bottle is mainly aimed at the young consumer groups in New Zealand and Europe. “Test-tube babies” and “Vampire Mary” on the market are similar to wine-holding utensils, with unique designs and easy to carry. Make your brand more outstanding and win the favor of more consumers.

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